Inqiad Bin Ali appears in The Daily Star

Inqiad Bin Ali is a talented student of our illustrious college. He is a member of our O level batch 2022, now in Std-X (Pelican), Roll-02. He is also an on-probation contributor to The Shout– the youth magazine of The Daily Star– the most circulated daily in Bangladesh. Recently, a few of his articles got published there, earning him positive reviews of the wider public.

The BAF SEMC family is proud of our student and wishes him all the very best in his future endeavors with The Shout team. The link to his articles is given below:

Article1- Is Football Coming Home or Going to Rome? | The Daily Star

Article 2- How Messi’s Next Move Will Change the Future of European Football | The Daily Star

Article 3- Has Mustafizur Rahman Finally Recovered His Best Form? | The Daily Star

Article 4- Should Manchester United Fans Feel Hopeful This Season? | The Daily Star

Article 5- A fan’s guide to surviving the football transfer window| The Daily Star

Article 6- Saul Goodman’s Final Chapter | The Daily Star

Article 7- The unwanted necessity of coaching centers | The Daily Star

Article 8- Why it might be a good idea to watch prequels first. | The Daily Star

Article 9- Football jerseys as fashion accessories . | The Daily Star